Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner

Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner

Unisex, Long-Selling/Running/Established powder hair dye!Color your hair perfectly with Non-drip cream

  • Read the instruction leaflet carefully before use.
  • Do not color your hair if you have ever experienced any reactions after coloring your hair. Also do not conduct a skin allergy test.
  • A skin allergy test must be conducted 48 hours before each time you color your hair.

Product Feature

  • Speedy


    Darken gray hair in 5 min.
    It's easy to color when you are busy
    or gray hair on hairlines or roots
    that bothers you.

    • Leave it on for 10~15mins when you'd like to color more perfectly
  • No Mixing

    No Mixing

    Squeeze out the same amount of cream from both tubes on the Applicator comb.
    No need to premix the creams.

  • With 6 Natural Extracts

    With 6 Natural Extracts

    6 natural Herbal Extracts penetrate deeply into every single hair.

  • Contain with Taurine.

    Contain with Taurine.

    Long-Lasting color with Taurine.

    • Color-lasting agent.
  • Smart Saving

    Smart Saving

    Use only the necessary amount of cream, and the remainder can be kept for future use.

    • Please check the expiration date.

Color guide

5 colors available
Please choose your favorite color referring to your hair color or the color guide below.

  • The color results will vary depending on your natural hair color and hair condition.
  • 881 Natural Black
  • 882 Brownish Black
  • 883 Dark Brown
  • 884 Natural Brown
  • 885 light Brown
  • Dark
  • Bright
  • Cream Developer 40g (net)
  • Cream Colorant 40g (net)

How To Use



    Squeeze out the same amount of cream from both tubes on the Applicator Comb.[1:1]



    Apply the mixture to dry hair starting from the grayest area. Continue application until all hair is well covered.



    Leave onhairtodevelopfor5-10 minutes*. Rinsehairthoroughly with warmwateruntilwaterruns clearand shampoowell.

    Developing time is defferent depending on color. Please read the instruction leafletcarefull beforeuse.

This pack contains

  • Cream Colorant<br> (Cream No.1)

    Cream Colorant
    (Cream No.1)

  • Cream Colorant<br> (Cream No.1)

    Cream Developer
    (Cream No.2)

  • Applicator comb

    Applicator comb

  • Tray


  • Gloves


  • Instruction Leaflet

    Instruction Leaflet

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