HOYU, A PREMIER HAIR COLORING COMPANY, has not only earned the largest market share in Japan, but is also one of the leading providers of hair color and hair care products in more than 70 countries.

As an ambassador of the joys of hair coloring, Hoyu's slogan "COLOR YOUR HEART" expresses our desire to add dimension to people's lives through an extensive line of innovative hair color and hair care products. With a strong business background and an unending passion for coloring and caring for hair, Hoyu marked its 100th anniversary in February 2005.
Determined to stay ahead of the latest trends, Hoyu has continually introduced products that have been heralded as unprecedented in its field. In addition to providing high quality products, we strive to lead the way by setting high standards for ourselves and utilizing cutting-edge technology to develop more user-friendly products.

The name of Hoyu “fellow friends” and originates from our drive to create new frontiers of business with good friends, while strengthening friendship with other people and companies, including our product’s consumers, customers, wholesalers, etc.

Hoyu has always been at the fore front of the hair-fashion industry by making an effort to carry out your wish to be more beautiful. We have newly defined our corporate brand “Hoyu” and determined to foster it steadily in order to give people all over the world a better understanding of the nature of our business.In addition, we have set “COLOR YOUR HEART” as our corporate slogan.

Our consumer loyalty is answered by our dedication as a leading manufacturer of advanced color and hair care products.

The 100th anniversary is not our goal but our new beginning. We are taking our first step into a new dream for the next 100 years.


As part of an effort to create a world hair fashion, Hoyu has established a sales network that covers more than 70 countries across Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and Oceania.

Developing overseas markets by its own efforts without the help of trading concerns, Hoyu continues to expand its network in strategically major countries. Hoyu networks based on the approach of “one distributor in one country” — building trustworthy relationships with local sale distributors.

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